Review 15,6" LAFITÉ® PRO


Full disclosure statement: This is a solicited review; PCSpecialist invites reviews from new purchasers on the basis that the reviewer receives an additional 3months warranty, that said, they make it clear that they don’t care if the reviews are favourable or unfavourable.

A few weeks ago I was looking for a new laptop to use when travelling, and working on the go. As I travel a lot by train, I was looking for a laptop which was thin, modern, and had a large battery life. After already purchasing multiple laptops/desktops from PCSpecialist, I decided to have a look around on their website. I then quickly noticed their LAFITÉ® PRO line.

They had 3 versions available of this laptop: and older generation 17 inch (which was in sale), a newer generation 15 inch, and a newer generation 17 inch. As I was looking for something which was not too big to take with me, I went with the new generation 15 inch laptop. It featured a 13th gen intel i5 or i7, DDR5 RAM, an integrated intel Graphics card, and most important, a 73WH battery. The big battery really was one of my major requirements.

After ordering the laptop, PCSpecialist took 5 days to assemble the laptop, and make it available to UPS for collection. This is however where to smoothness in production ended. PCSpecialist advertises (and charges) for a 2-day delivery from the UK to Belgium via UPS. In my case, they took 7 days to delivery the laptop. The track and trace was almost useless, and always provided an estimated delivery time of the day itself (which always got delayed). The package got delayed in the UK, and in the Netherlands. The shipment for example was released by customs in the Netherlands, and kept in their warehouse for 3 days pending collection from UPS. After giving them a call, they told me they were waiting for more package to arrive so they could pick up more at once, completely ignoring transfer times because of this.

When the laptop finally arrived, I can however conflude that I really enjoy it. The battery life is long, and the laptop looks very modern and sleek. The screen has amazing colors, and is bright.

Conclusion; Although I absolutely love the product, PCSpecialist really needs to stop promising shipping times they cannot put into practise when shipping from their warehouse in the UK. If I was required to provide stars, it would be a 4/5 for me.


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